Ok brother, so tell me about bridge, what made you write this piece?


Let me just say I’m talking from a place where I believe I’ve done what I can do and still there’s more to do. There’s a lot of willingness and definitely a lot of overthinking.

I kind of speak on bad decision making. I spoke about helping out at times when I shouldn’t but I still made that choice. I’ve grown up seeing people help others at a deficit. Mainly it’s about having to take responsibility for your good and bad and remembering you’re a human being.

What’s important is what you do tomorrow. Realising that I started out talking about blowing smoke out the window. I felt that at the time opportunities had been flying by and wasn’t in the position to go for them. But there comes a point when you have to act and affirm it for yourself and that’s how music works for me.

I don’t have yes people around me and that’s a major plus as I’ve put up foundation to do things differently and they respect that.

A lot of the time I was away from my key people and that’s when I would allow my mind to drift into to do list.

Really I found that the only factor in the way was me, I had to deal with me. I worked hard as I usually do when I have any issues or stress.

The best part though is knowing what matters and what doesn’t. I was past the point of frustration. I was only interested in what I could affect. Everything else as far as I once concerned was irrelevant, at this point I wanted to change my whole surroundings and I was happy in that truth.

 Musa Jebak


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